Friday, January 9, 2009

We wish you a merry Christmas...again!

Technology...I love it, but can't always make sense of it.

We went to Caroline's Christmas program today. Yes, today. Her program before Christmas was cancelled due to weather. So we were celebrating Christmas still today on January 9. :) It was such a sweet program, and the kids were so excited and proud. One of the things that I will remember was Caroline walking out to the program with her class. All of the children were walking in a line, looking for their families in the audience. How sweet and beautiful she looked when her eyes found Grandpa Orton, Evan and I.

That was the moment that I wanted to share on the blog. However, I forgot my memory card for my camera, so I was using our video camera to record. I can't figure out how to select the footage I want from the video camera. Grrr. Oh well. We'll just wish you a merry Christmas once again (I think this is Caroline's third serenade of you with this song!) with the video footage that I did manage to post! :)

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Mary Ellen said...

Grandpa Orton said that Caroline was the most beautiful angel at the Christmas program! I am glad that you recorded what you did for all of us that could not attend.