Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Fish Mission

Ugh...we had 3 fish die in 24 hours. We had some very sad kids here. Caroline was very of the fish that died was Evan's, and Caroline offered one of hers to Evan! Henry was especially upset about it, so I told him that he could come with me to Pet Smart to have the water tested and to get some fish advice. On the way there, we were talking about all kinds of things...Marley and Me, remembering funny things that our fish had done, having empathy with friends and family that have lost pets.

In talking to a lady a Pet Smart, it turned out that we had been overfeeding our fish and that the nitrate level was too high. His spirits really got a boost when he heard that we could correct the nitrate problem in the fish tank with some special solution, and perhaps save the rest of the fish. Henry wanted to buy the solution and get home as soon as possible to take care of our fish. He said that we were on a "Fish Mission," and was getting mad at every red stoplight! When we got home, the remaining 4 fish were still alive. (Thank God!) We doctored up the tank, and now are just crossing our fingers that they make it.

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