Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sledding with Dad

This would be how my husband broke his finger yesterday! Dave, Seth, and some neighborhood friends went sledding at the hill by their school, and Dave hurt his finger on one of the downhill runs. It swelled and became black and blue overnight, so Dave decided to head to the emergency room this morning. He's ok, but it makes it tough to work on those pinewood derby cars with the boys!

The following might be a live action shot of Dave's injury (footage and picture compliments of my friend, Jane!).

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Mary Ellen said...

There is a picture of Dave and Seth on a sled at the top of the frame. Then there is a wide space with nothing before the Utube frame. I am sure that there was detailed information on the activity that caused Dave to visit the E.R. I hope that he is doing fine.

Can we bring the meatloaf dinner on Tuesday? Can you believe that your dad's class starts Wednesday?