Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The boy has to earn his keep, doesn't he?!

My sister, Lisa, and I have had an ongoing conversation about encouraging chore responsibility in our children. She found some great chore charts, and made some up for each of her 4 children. She was telling me where she got them, and then joked that I would probably only have to prepare three as Evan is probably not doing too many chores yet.

Actually, Evan is mainly responsible for our "anti-chores" around here. Need a box of Cheerios dumped? Evan is your man. Do you prefer your rolls of toilet paper to be completely unrolled and on the floor? Again, Evan can handle that for you. Want to vacuum the living room? Oh, don't worry, Evan can do that and it will only take 5 times as long.

Did I mention recently that he's 2? Yup, and then some.

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