Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Game Night and What did you do, Seth?!

Tonight we got our littlest Nosek tucked in for the night and let the older ones stay up late with us to play Monopoly Jr. It was very spirited play, and sooo much fun. Poor Dave did not fare so well in the game. Caroline felt bad for him, and trying to make him feel better, she said, "Daddy's losing, but I still love him!" He might have lost all of his lemonade stands in this game, but at least he still has his daughter's love...

Seth was fingerprinted this morning! Seth had a cub scout outing to a local courthouse and jail. He loved it, but especially because he had his dad all to himself for the outing, lunch at Wendy's, and a trip to Menard's. He was one happy boy!

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