Saturday, January 31, 2009

Henry Nosek: Future Paleontologist

What is one to do when you are stuck inside the house sick with the stomach flu, and you are bored with TV and video games? Well, if your name is Henry Nosek, you would build dinosaur models. That's our Henry, the boy who has already declared his career path in the field of dinosaur science (either that or the science of volcanoes, Volcanology, sp), or maybe a bit of both. He devours anything to do with those two subjects, and fancies himself a third-grade expert.

Last night Henry slept in our bed while he was sick. Dave slept in Henry's top bunk...what a sport! Anyways, when things calmed down a bit, Henry and I talked for a long time. Well, until I fell asleep. I think he was enjoying having Mom's full attention, and I was enjoying that one on one time as well. If there's a perk of being sick, that would be it.

He's recovering nicely from his bout with the stomach flu. And I do believe that Seth's case was just a false alarm. (Seth told us this morning that his stomach hurt, and with 2 sick kids in the house, we assumed the worst.) Nothing ever came of Seth's complaint, and he was eating quite normally from lunch on. Evan is doing very well as this is his fourth day since he came down with it. He was the biggest challenge...a two year old who is sick, but doesn't think he is and still wants to play. Thank God for hard floors! That's all I have to say. :)

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