Monday, January 19, 2009

Get well soon, Aunt Shirley!

I just heard that my Aunt Shirley fell and broke some ribs and her collar bone. She is doing well, and always seems to be in such good spirits. I suppose part of the reason is that she has so many wonderful friends from her church and in her neighborhood that care for her and love to dote on her, as well as a lot of family that love on her :). (She said that if there is a good part of being hurt, its that you see lots of people you love!) So today, we wanted to do some caring and doting on Aunt Shirley of our own. The kids and I made and delivered a little care package to her. We made her a little Valentine house for decoration and some hearts to hang in her window, as well as some super chocolaty cookies. Despite the fact that Evan was very busy exploring everything, we had a nice little visit.

Please say some prayers for her that she has a speedy recovery!

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