Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was just having one of those days...

I was feeling kind of tired, grumpy, and discouraged today. You know, I guess we all have those. Our house was messy, Evan was cranky, the kids were squirrelly, and I was not being as effective as I like to be as a mom. I just didn't feel like I had the resources today.

So we scrapped cleaning up, put Evan down for an early nap, and Caroline and I made Valentines. We had started them yesterday for Aunt Shirley, and decided to make a few for our window as well. They looked sweet, so that kind of cheered us up a bit.

Then we picked the older boys up from school, as well as a couple of their friends. Twenty minutes later, I received a call from our favorite babysitter. (Sadly, we had not had her come to watch the kids since last July.) She was calling because she thought that she was supposed to be watching my boys' friends, she hadn't seen them come home on the bus, and she was worried. She was calling to see if my kids were home yet. Apparently, she had not gotten the message that I was going to be watching the kids.

Anyways, I had to chuckle. I had been meaning to call our babysitter for a while now. Dave and I have been talking about how much we needed to get out together, that its crazy how long it had been since we had been out, just the two of us, but it was just one of those things that I was not getting done. (That list is quite long :) sometimes.) So, how funny! Kelsey, who we hadn't spoken to in ages, calls me up (albeit for a different reason). But seriously, don't you wonder if God sets these things up sometimes? Its goofy, I know. Like he doesn't have more important things to do. But it was like he might have been saying, "Sarah, if you don't call, I'll have her call you." So I said to Kelsey, "As long as I have you on the phone, could we set up a night for you to babysit?"

We are going out Saturday night. Wahoo!


Mary Ellen said...

Your Valentine display looks so festive. I must hurry up and put away the last of Christmas and bring out the Valentine storage box. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE THE NOSEK NEWS!


Sarah said...

Thank you. Have fun with your decorating!