Friday, January 23, 2009

The Pinewood Derby!

What an exciting night!!! The boys raced their cars that they made with their dad in the boy scouts' Pinewood Derby!

Seth's car raced first, placing two second and two first places in four heats. Overall, his car placed seventh out of about 40 cars for tiger cubs.

Henry's car placed 2nd, and then three 1st's in his 4 heats. Overall, he placed 6th out of 30 bear cubs. They both were sooooo excited!

Here's Henry winning 1st in one of his heats! Wish I had the same footage of Seth!

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Mary Ellen said...

Hey Henry and Seth,

Give your dad a big high five for his help in making "The Pinewood Derby" so much fun! You guys did GREAT!

grandma Orton