Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just like the big kids!

Our young Evan likes to run with the big dogs. High chairs? He much prefers a standard chair. Want some help, Evan? No, he wants to do it himself. He wants to do everything just like his older siblings.

He's carried this attitude to when I drop Caroline off at preschool. Just like all of those big kids there, Evan has to take off his boots, his hat, his mittens and his jacket, and put them in a cubby or on a hook. He wants to do this each time, and for the fact that he is a bit shorter than the typical preschooler, all this work takes a while. This video is a condensed version of what he normally does lately...he's just putting his hat in a cubby. But it shows how very steadfast and committed he is to his goal, God love him. And he's so proud of himself. Take a look at that smile at the end! After all that hard work, I'd like to say that his sweet sister didn't undo it in a flash, but I can't. Poor Evan!

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