Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meditating on Seth

One of the reasons I have liked blogging so much is that it gives me an opportunity to meditate and think good thoughts about my kids, especially if we've had a rough day.

Today was a little "iffy" for Seth. He was a little tired and cranky (much like his mom), and truthfully tucking him into bed was kind of a welcome thing tonight. So that motivated me to focus on him in this post.

Seth...words to describe him (usually!)...sweet, gentle, reflective, analytical, loyal, endearing, hard-working, funny...I saw this picture tonight and it reminded me of one of my favorite moments with Seth.

We were at the lake. Dave was outside with the older kids and I was inside putting Evan down for a nap. Seth came to me and said, in his deep voice, "Umm...I've got something for you, Mom." He handed me a little doodle board. This was when he was just learning to write, and he was obviously so proud of himself. I looked down at the board and saw the words, "I lov Mom." He told me, " I wrote that myself!"

I am so proud of him, of how hard he works, and how far he's come. I love you too, Seth.

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Mary Ellen said...

I "love you more" Seth!

grandma Orton

See you after school today!