Monday, January 26, 2009

Caroline's First Friend Sleepover and her Favorite Socks

I honestly don't know how long its been since Caroline has been begging to have a sleepover at a friend's house, but she finally got her chance this past weekend when she slept over at her friend Maddie's house. They had been planning for it ever since they found out about a week ago. And did they ever fit a lot in! They did a little hairstyling and dress up, playing doctor with their stuffed animals and dolls, making cookies, washing dishes and sweeping (!) and watching "girly" movies. They had such fun that Caroline wanted to stay a second night! Should we be a little insecure about that? Does our daughter not miss us?! :)

My dad came over today to watch the kids for me while I ran some errands and got a hair cut. (Thank you SO MUCH, Dad!) The kids loved having him over. Evan, I believe, talked to his Grandpa non-stop (aside from his naptime), and Caroline drew a lot of pictures and played some games with Grandpa. My mom sent Caroline some special fuzzy socks...Caroline had admired a pair that my mom had given me, so her Grandma promised to find some for her. She delivered, and two pairs at that!! Grandpa brought them to Caroline today, and Caroline loved them so much that she went to bed with a pair on her feet and a pair on her hands!
Caroline modeling some clothes (and the bag) I got when I was out shopping for her today!

A close-up of Caroline's favorite socks!

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