Friday, January 2, 2009

More cousin fun!

So, my nieces and my brother slept over at our house last night. We had two days full of Wii, doll houses and dolls, Bakugan (a cool new game my nephew taught the kids), nerf basketball, wrestling, and in general, a lot of cousin revelry.

They woke up early (well, you know, they had a lot of playing to do!), had some cinnamon rolls, and then Dave and my brother, Bill, took them out for a little nature hike to the woods and pond behind our house. I was all excited to send Dave out with our camera to get lots of good pictures of them, but unfortunately sent him with dead batteries. He was only able to take one picture, obviously not of the kids, but beautiful nonetheless!
The following picture is us trying to squeeze in as much as possible to the time you have with your visiting nieces...We're making gumdrop Christmas trees (Thanks for the fun activity, Grandma!). Evan just finished a fabulous lunch of hot dogs and ketchup (still on the table), and he was doing his best to get his fair share of gumdrops. We were watching some funny videos on YouTube, and some of them were playing Wii golf as well. Ohhhh, we miss them already!

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