Thursday, November 29, 2012


this sweet dog
into our family

was one

of the best decisions
we've ever made.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy 6th birthday, Evan!

A few days ago, we dropped off a treadmill at my parents' house (a Christmas gift to them from my siblings and us!).  Since we were there, we decided to go out for a little impromptu celebration of Evan's 6th birthday!  We went to our favorite pizza place, which was just fine for Evan because he has a great fondness for pizza. 
Afterwards, we went to Cosley farm, another favorite place where my parents live.  On the way over, Evan said that it was the best day ever!  Cosley was all decked out for Christmas, and the animals were still all out for the kids to see!
My favorite parents and me! ;)
Our whole group!
Imagine that...they even had a Christmas dinosaur light display.  I'm sure it was in honor of my Dad's new book, Dinosaurs and Dragons.  ;)

The next day, the birthday boy woke up bright and early.  After all, its not every day you turn 6, and you might as well enjoy every minute of it!  He opened his gifts before his cinnamon roll breakfast.

All of the kids made homemade cards for him.  Here's Henry giving Evan his card.

Unbeknownst to Evan, Henry also bought a giant stuffed snake for him at Cosley the night before!  Evan loved the story of how Henry sneaked into the shop when Evan was out having some hot chocolate, and how Henry hid it in the van.  Evan had no idea!  Evan has retold that story a few times.
Yes, he opened one of his gifts while standing on the kitchen table.  I made him get down, but only after I took a picture of him, of course. ;)
One of his gifts was Nerf Dart Tag!

He was so excited because there were enough dart guns, velcro vests and protective eye wear for him and his siblings.  They have been playing it non-stop.  Even Dave and I have joined in sometimes!

We finished off the day with a homemade brownie birthday cake for Mr. Evan.

He blew out all 6 only three tries, lol.

A close up of our masterpiece... Yes, that totally says "Evan is 6!" ;)

Can't wait for Evan's friend birthday at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday, and his family birthday with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and Great Grandma on Sunday!

We love you, Evan!

The boy's got style.

Gangnam Style, that is.
Evan is currently in love with the song by the same name, and pretty much any time it is requested of him, he will dance to it. He's danced at family parties, for his friends, and even for Moxie! :)
Right before he left for his "50s Day" at school (in honor of their 50th day), Evan performed for his daddy in his home office. I am sure Dave was grateful for a little break from his work, especially for this talented young entertainer!

This morning I found that Jib Jab had a Gangnam Style video. Evan thought it was HI-LAR-IOUS when I put him in it! Enjoy!
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A Sled Race!

We're baaaaa......aaaaaacccckkk!  Missed my blog, missed sharing with you!

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