Thursday, January 15, 2009

Think the kids need to get outside?!

It is still so cold here!! The high was -10, and get this, the low was -27!!!!! (School was canceled today.) And with wind chill right now, it feels like -47. Apparently, because they can't get outside with this freezing weather, the kids need to expend a little energy inside by taking a few laps around the island. This is real life at the Nosek house. I have to admit it. Messy kitchen, crazy kids, my husband's joining in, and what am I doing? I'm recording it for the blog.

The kids are moving along nicely on their pinewood derby cars. They just painted them. The race is just 8 days away.

And of course, Miss Caroline can't be left out. She had to color pictures of her brothers' cars.

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Mary Ellen said...

It looked like crazy fun around the Nosek Island! Again, I must say that you and Dave are making the most of your gifts from God! I am so thankful that you both enjoy every minute of these precious children.