Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moxie-locks and the Three Bears (I mean, kids)

Moxie-locks tried the first bed, and it was too hard.

She tried the second bed, and it was too soft.

She tried the third bed, and it was just right.

And she didn't want to leave it!

Every night Moxie says good-night to the kids.  It's part of our routine, and we all love it, especially Moxie.  When we tell her that it's time to say good-night, you should see how fast she runs up the stairs!  Her first stop is always Evan's bed.  (I'm not sure's just what she does.)  Next she sometimes goes to Seth's bottom bunk or Caroline's bed, depending on who is ready.

Tonight she went to Seth's bed first.  Apparently she got so comfortable when I was tucking the boys in that she didn't want to leave, even when I called her.  She has never done that before.  I would say, "Come, Moxie!" and she would just stare at me like she was thinking, "Are you kidding?  I am comfortable!"  Seth was laughing soooooo hard, and asked me to video her and send the clip to Funniest Home Videos.  :)

I finally got her to come to Caroline's room, where Caroline was anxious for Moxie to stay just like she had for Seth.  She did for a few minutes, but when I said good-night and told Moxie to come, she obeyed.  However, she then went straight back to Seth's bed where she again did not want to leave.  All the kids laughed.  Seth must have the most comfortable bed in the house!

Sweet, silly dog!


Mary Ellen said...

What an endearing post Sarah! The smiles on Evan, Caroline and Seth's faces proves without a doubt that Moxie is one loved dog! I will say it again, your blog deserves a Pulitzer Prize! You have a way with words! Thank you for sharing the family times with one very proud grandma!


Sarah said...

Thanks, Mom! I love it when you comment!
xo, Sarah