Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Action Packed Day for Evan

Evan's day was so busy and full that when we tucked him in, he was falling asleep IMMEDIATELY.  He was worn out!

He had a full day of school, a picnic and playdate at the park with his best preschool friends.
They played at a pond...

and climbed a tank.  So fun!

After dinner we went to Evan's baseball game where Henry and Seth spotted this hawk.  Other birds were trying to attack it.  We think they might have been trying to steal the hawk's food.  It was pretty entertaining to watch.
He was a beautiful bird!
However, Evan was pretty entertaining too!
love, LOVE this baseball boy!
He played hard in the infield and outfield.  See at the serious look on his face?  He's all business out there.
I took a quick break from Evan's game to meet our friends' new puppy.  Meet Hershey!  She is an 8 week old Wheaten Terrier from the same breeder we used for Moxie.  So Moxie and Hershey are related!
Evan's team did great!

So proud of the Green Machines!
Go team!

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