Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thanks, family!

May is busy, what with school ending, programs, sports, etc.  On top of that, the kids want to be outside all of the time (truthfully, I do too!)  So sometimes our house gets a little out of control.  Laundry and clutter piles up so much that sometimes everywhere I look, I see a mess.  It can be a little discouraging.

So today we were playing catch up.  Seth cleaned the basement, Henry cleaned the playroom, and Caroline cleaned her room.  When the kids were all helping to put laundry away, I asked Caroline to help Evan put his away.  Twenty minutes later, Caroline and Evan came downstairs telling me that they wanted to show me something.  They led me to Evan's room, excited to tell me that they had cleaned it all up without me even asking!  I was so proud of them!
 Here's Caroline by her bookshelf that she reorganized today! 

Seth volunteered to help make dinner, but he actually wound up making it pretty much by himself!  He made a yummy oven fried chicken.  Just call him Chef Seth.  And say that ten times fast.
I'm so happy to have caught up a little today.  Thanks, family!


Mary Ellen said...

We had another enjoyable day with our amazing, above average and sooooo much more grandchildren God is good! Thank you for being there for your sister today Sarah. Aunt Shirley would have been proud1


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for watching the kids yesterday, and for taking Evan to his picnic, and for making it possible for me to go with Karen! She is amazing!