Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day at the Lake

On Saturday night we slept over at the lake so that we wouldn't miss ONE MINUTE of the family fun on Sunday.  Aside from church on Sunday morning, I do believe that the kids spent most of their day WET.  They fished, rafted, boated, bounced, slid, swam, you name it, ALL DAY.  Just look at all that was going on in this picture!
This picture shows a rare moment when the kids were mostly dry, but only because we wouldn't let them eat their lunch in the lake. ;)  We followed up lunch with a yummy birthday cake for Henry.  Nice birthday headwear, huh?!
Evan opted for Great Grandma's candy that she always keeps stocked in the summertime
Then it was back in the water, Moxie included.  This dog LOVES to play in the lake!
Caroline and her cousin, Jamie, got to kayak with Uncle Aaron.
The trampoline and airbag was well-used...Here's my husband/fifth child attempting to launch the kids.
My brother-in-law, Mark, took some of these pics...he did a great job!
Doesn't everyone play with a plunger (one that's never been used in a toilet, don't worry!) in a lake?
Great-Grandma loved watching all of the fun!
Cousins hanging out!
So happy that the whole summer is ahead of us!! :)

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