Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's in the genes.

Henry seemed to have a great birthday.  At the beginning of the day he was lamenting that his birthday fell on a Thursday, that his teachers would probably overlook that it was his birthday and assign him tons of homework anyway.  Much to his surprise, his teachers in fact did not give him a lot of homework (although it most likely did not have much to do with the fact that it was the big day for him).  That allowed him to spend his time after school in the way he wanted...playing with Alex and his brothers.  (Caroline was at her friend Sydney's house.)  We capped off the night with his chosen birthday dinner of a taco bar and birthday brownies.

While we were serving the brownies, I had to laugh...the kids all requested an outside or corner piece.  Whenever I have a brownie, that's what I want too.  I think I must have passed this particular food affinity down to my children.  :)  I do believe it is in their genes.  Even Alex, who is not my son, but really it feels like he is part of the family, prefers brownies this way too.  I've often considered getting one of those brownie pans that make all outside pieces, but it seems a bit frivolous to spend $20 on something like that, lol. 

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