Tuesday, May 29, 2012


At this time last year, we were getting ready to go on vacation with my mom's side of the family...I was just thinking about that tonight, so I thought that I would look through a few pictures on my blog.  Lo and behold, I found two blog posts from my "Smoky Mountains series" that I had not posted yet.  I had uploaded and arranged all of the pictures, but had not written anything about them yet!  Anyways, I had so much fun looking through them again that I thought I would post them tonight!

Whenever we are together, we always play two games...the "Crazy Hat Game" and "White Elephant".  In the Crazy Hat Game, everyone brings a random hat and we gather with them in a circle.  We turn some music on and pass the hats around the circle.  When the music stops, whatever hat is in your hands, you put on your head.  Unfortunately, there is one less hat than there are people in the circle, so if you don't get a hat to put on your head, you are OUT!  Anyways, throughout the game, especially with my crazy family, there is a lot of dancing and clowning around.  :)

Henry and Megan won...and the grand prize was...WAIT FOR IT...a HAT!  :)
Next up is our white elephant game, where everyone brings a random item all wrapped up in a pretty package.  My cousin, Jim, explained the rules this time.
Some gifts, like Henry's Connect 4, actually made sense.

And Evan was pretty happy with his bug antennae.
But Mary's gift?  Hmmm...let's just say that it really was not, in fact, a hat.  ;)

And check out those three silver FOXES!  (One of them is an imposter, using a silver wig he won in the white elephant!)
This hat was not from either of the games.  It was just a cute picture of Evan wearing the miner's hat that he bought, wore, and slept with, for much of our Tennessee vacation.  :)

Looking forward to the next reunion, family! Love you all!

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