Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Caroline's First Communion

Congratulations on your first communion, Caroline!  You are a beautiful and loving little girl, and Dad and I are so proud to be your parents! 
The morning of your first communion, you were so excited.  You had been counting down the days on a little chart you had made for your bulletin board, and the day had finally come.  We said a prayer together that Father Martins gave us for this special morning.  We ate a nice breakfast and then got you all ready and did your hair.  You looked like an angel!

We went to the church and settled you in with your class.  Then Dad and I went into the church to see all of our family that came to help us celebrate your special day. 
Watching you in the procession into the church brought tears to my eyes! 
The church looked beautiful adorned with the rainbow banner you all made!
Can you spot your banner?
While you were waiting to have your first communion, you felt a little dizzy.  I was a little worried about you, so Daddy and I fanned with our programs.  I think that your were just very excited and a little anxious.  Fortunately, when it was your turn, you felt much better.  What a special moment!  I am so glad that we got to share it with you!
Afterwards, you and your class sang some beautiful songs and posed for a picture.
When the service was over, your family surrounded you!  I think that you felt relieved and happy!
Then it was time for all of us to go back to our house to celebrate!
The first thing that we did when we got home was to take pictures, lots and lots of them.
We wanted to make sure to take pictures of you with the special people in your life...your cousin, Nadia,
your family and ever-lovin' Great Grandma,
your Mommy and Daddy,

your Grandma and Grandpa Nosek,

your Grandma Nosek (who wrapped you up in her sweater with her when you said you were cold!),
your Grandma Orton,
(Grandpa Orton came soon after this picture was taken!)
your Aunt Debby,
your Aunt Karen, Uncle Jim and Robbie,
your Uncle Mark and Aunt Nacibe,
and your cousins Anabel and Nadia.
I love this sweet picture of you and Great Grandma holding hands!
You played with your cousins and siblings
while your Uncle Mark took some beautiful pictures of spring in our backyard!
Look at this fun picture he took of your puppy!  She loves to run around with all of you!
Uncle Mark also took this picture.  I'll have to remember to ask Evan why he was licking our back door. :)
Remember when your Godmother, Aunt Karen helped you to make your special banner?
You two had so much fun creating this keepsake, and you did a beautiful job!  We are going to frame it for your room.
After dinner, it was time for cake

and then for presents!  Grandma and Grandpa Orton gave you these gorgeous flowers, a cross necklace and a prayer bracelet.
Here you are opening your cards in your veil and "hole-y" (holy?) jeans.
We all gathered around to watch you open up these special gifts.

Grandma Nosek made a stunning first communion outfit for your American Girl doll! She also gave you a special rosary that was blessed by Pope Benedict!
Uncle Mark and Aunt Nacibe gave you a book that talks about how much God loves you and a first communion teddy bear.  You named her "Angel"
and proceeded to try the first communion dress on her!
Then you tried on the American Girl doll veil, and Nadia tried on yours!
Then, FINALLY, Elizabeth had her turn!
Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim gave you The Chronicles of Narnia series, and Aunt Karen had taken the time to write her favorite bible verses in each one! 

It was a beautiful day!  Your whole family loves you so much, Caroline.  God bless you!

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