Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And in no particular order...

I'm posting a kind of a crazy conglomerate of pictures and videos tonight as I try to catch up.  There's no particular order to it, and I apologize for that!

We've continued to work in our yard, and the kids have done their part.  The other night they helped us fill in bare patches in the lawn with grass seed.
Needless to say, they earned their bath that night.
Evan has been having a great time with his friends in the afternoons when his brother and sister are in school.  Evan can't get enough of Connor.  He would have him over every day if he could!
Evan had Caleb over the other day for the first time, and then Evan went to Caleb's house on Monday.  I do believe they want to play together again soon!

Today Nora came over after school.  Evan usually follows an all-boy policy, but I think that sweet Nora has persuaded him to make a few changes to said policy.
Really, who can blame him?!

Say cheese!

Evan's even fit in a trip to the zoo with Grandpa recently!

All this playing wears a boy out!  He and Caroline fell sound asleep like this the other afternoon.  Don't know why Caroline didn't choose the empty couch instead of the hard floor, but it worked for her!
Here's a couple of clips...Whenever Evan and Connor get together, they always have so much to say, and they have a lot of swinging to do as well. Poor Evan tried to jump at the end and did a total face plant.

Evan has learned a couple of new tricks, and he wanted to showcase them for you. :)

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