Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy birthday, new teenager!

!!CAUTION!!  We're entering dangerous territory heretofore never experienced by any of the children in our household.  Henry turned 13 this morning and is now officially a teenager.  Consider yourself forewarned. 
We treated him to a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls (of course!) and a bagel/egg sandwich, and then he opened up his present.  He got a clock/radio speaker dock (doesn't that seem like a teenager-y thing to get?) for his ITouch and an ITunes gift card.  He was a pretty happy boy.

Evan woke up kind of late this morning, which is a break in his routine of waking up by at least 6:30.  He usually gets to see Henry before he leaves for the bus, but missed him this morning.  Evan was a little disappointed that he didn't see the birthday boy, especially when he saw all of the decorations we had set out.  He quickly got over it when I handed him a cinnamon roll.  ;) Then, Seth told Evan that Henry was now a teenager.  Evan got a very concerned look on his face and said, "What does he look like?"  Just to be silly, I replied, "Well, he grew a foot and now has a beard."  Evan's eyes grew wider and said, "He grew a beard?!!!"  We giggled a little, and then I quickly reassured him that Henry, despite being a teenager, does not in fact have facial hair yet.  I showed him the above picture that I took of Henry this morning and said, "See?  He looks exactly the same."  Evan studied the picture, and then said, "Yeah, but you said his foot got bigger." I thought about that for a minute... Oh... I said he grew a foot, lol.  I again reassured him that he was still the same Henry, same shoe size and all.  Evan seemed ok about it, but then said to me, "But will he still play Minecraft?"  Hopefully when Evan sees Henry after school, he'll feel better about this whole teenager thing. ;)

Henry had his spring band concert a couple of nights ago.  He did great!  Here he is at the concert with his best friend, Alex...
And here's the band playing a song.  Aren't they good?

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