Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who says...

...Henry and Dave get to have all of the outdoor fun this weekend? ;)

I took the younger three (and Miss Moxie) on a hike at our local forest preserve this afternoon.
They selected walking sticks...
Seth's seemed a little more reasonable than Evan's.
Seth was a sport, humoring me by posing for some pictures before we started.
The lighting's all wrong, but the subject was perfect!
And then we were off, with Evan leading the way, and Moxie and I bringing up the end.
They climbed,
and posed,
ran through a "magical forest",
and generally had a great time "adventuring". :)
Evan did a fair amount of climbing himself.
Thankfully, his brother and sister were there to rescue him when he got in a bind.
Moxie had a wonderful time. She wore herself out, as evidenced by her tongue...
which grew longer as the hike progressed. ;)
They walked "tight ropes",
talked a lot,
and bonded.
Sweet, sweet children!
I love them!
Look what Seth and Caroline found...
Here's a's a tree root that looks like an alien head!
They ran down the huge sledding hill,
and then they ran up it. These kiddos have boundless energy!
But I do think that they will sleep well tonight!
Finally, Seth finishes this post with a little joke. See the face in the tree? Notice what his hiking stick is doing to its poor nose? Ha ha, Seth!

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