Monday, March 28, 2011

The Dells!

This weekend, we went to the Dells with Dave's family, and had such a blast! We (Dave's parents, two of Dave's brothers, their wives and kids, and our family) all stayed in this beautiful lodge. Even though we were in a resort amongst MANY things to do, and tons o' waterslides, when we were back at the lodge, it felt like we were away from it ALL! (Thanks, Mark, for all of these pictures!)
There were deer everywhere! Here's a group of them greeting us when we checked in on Friday.
Sooooo excited to be here!
Of course, as soon as possible, it was off to the waterpark, where the kids were drenched by a HUGE bucket of water.
Nadia and Caroline had fun operating one of the fountains.
The two oldest cousins, Henry and Anabel
These two, Nadia and Caroline, are inseparable!
Evan and Dave explored everywhere!
Ahhhh...the lazy river
And, of course, the wave pool! (Uncle Drew and Anabel)
Aunt Tanya (pregnant with the newest cousin!), Anabel and Uncle Drew
Seth :)
Uncle Dave holding on tight to Anabel, who's holding onto Henry, Uncle Drew and Aunt Tanya in the background

Hold on!
A big wave hits Henry!
Henry and Anabel face the waves together

They survived!
Afterward, a little downtime...I taught the kids how to make Duct Tape wallets. (Thanks for teaching me, Lisa!) I think that Anabel might be starting her own business with them. ;) Soon she's going to teach us how to make Duct Tape flowers. (You can see one of them in the picture.)
This is the back of the lodge. Back there was a great area to explore, which all of the kids enjoyed.

Here's the kids piled in the van for more waterpark fun!
Evan posing with a big the expression on his face :)
Caroline watching movies with snuggling with Grandpa in the media room
The kids spent the last night in the lodge enjoying the hot tub and watching a movie in the media room.
Here's our crew!
After we checked out on the last morning, we spent a couple more hours at the waterpark.

And then it was time to bring these tired, happy kids home!
Thanks for a wonderful weekend, family! And thank you to my mom and dad for watching our spoiled puppy, Moxie, for us! :)


5boys4kathy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Great pictures! One of these days we should go up together and rent one of those cabins. Could you imagine the fun the kids could have, lol???

Sarah said...

Funny that you should say that...the kids actually asked when we were driving home today if we could go up with you all sometime! :)

GrandmaJean said...

Great pictures, Mark. It's like re-living the weekend.