Friday, March 4, 2011

My mom turned 17...again!

You may remember from my post last year around this time this little known fact...My mom is actually a leap year baby. Lucky girl! Despite the fact that I am forty, my mom has only had 17 real birthdays. She gets to celebrate being 17 again next year, and won't turn 18 until 2013. :)

We went out to celebrate at our favorite pizza restaurant tonight. (Talk about a test of my commitment to my eat-clean diet...WOW! I did it though, and I am very proud of myself!)

Evan and I made a chocolate birthday cake this afternoon while the older kids were at school, and when they came home, they all helped to frost and decorate it. They were so proud!
It was such a fun night celebrating my favorite mom. Happy, happy birthday, Mom! Love you!

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