Sunday, March 6, 2011

By the looks of this picture... can probably tell that last night was a blast!
We went to McCap's Caribbean-style Winter Fundraiser. This was the third time we went to this annual event, which raises money for McHenry County Adult Program. As they say on their website, "McCAP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves a small group of young adults with special needs in McHenry County. With a 2:1 student to staff ratio, each participant is encouraged and supported to reach their full potential and improve their quality of life." Click here to visit their website.
Some of my cousins and second-cousins were's always so much fun to be with them! CAN'T WAIT 'TIL OUR TRIP TO TENNESSEE! :))))

Here's our favorite "guest of honor" at the Fundraiser, my second-cousin, Megan! She loved the music, and danced almost the whole night!
This is my cousin, Mary, who is also Megan's mom, with her sons, Sean and Ryan, and daughter-in-law, Ellen.

My mom and dad also came, much to their grandkids' delight. :)

Here's Dave and I with our beautiful daughter. Like her hair? We curled it for the first time last night, and she LOVED it!
Here's Caroline getting a squeeze from her Grandpa Orton!
Another picture of Dave and I...
This is another Henry (my second cousin) with my dad.
What a handsome couple! (Ryan and Ellen)
LOVE! My mom and I :)))
My cousin, Patrick, and my dad playing a little beach ball with the expression on their faces!
Evan trying to juggle with Patrick!
The mom, my cousin, Mary, me and my cousin, Diana
Brothers, Sean and Ryan with their sister, Megan
Mary and Megan playing a little limbo...look at those smiles!
One of Megan's friends and Evan limbo-ing!
A daddy and daughter dance, Patrick and Megan!
There was a fabulous silent auction, and one of the baskets was filled with dog toys and treats. My mom and dad bid on it for Moxie, and the kids stood guard on it to make sure they had the highest bid. It was so sweet!
The kids, especially Henry, were so excited when my mom and dad were the highest bidders on the basket. It was such a sweet moment when my mom brought the basket over to Henry...tears! ;)

And finally, here's the kids presenting the basket to Moxie when we got home! She was a happy dog, and the kids were tickled to share it with her!
Thanks for such a fun night, McCAP!


Monkee said...

March must be the month for fundraisers! :) We went to two this weekend and have one next weekend as well!

Looks like everyone had a blast and you supported a wonderful cause! :)

Jim Wilcox said...

Wow Sarah; thanks for posting all these cool pics and comments. Marci and I wish we were there! Love you and see you soon!!

Jim Wilcox said...

PS: forgot to mention; you look great!

Sarah said...

Awww...thanks, Jim! Can't wait to see you in June! :)