Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A good day at home

Dave styled Evan's hair after his bath tonight. You like? Evan loved it, and made me take a picture. OK, twist my arm, Evan. ;)
Henry spent the day with one of his best friends, Alex. Alex has been taking piano lessons for a while now, and was trying to teach Henry a little of what he knows. Alex's mom, Kathy, gave me the number for their piano teacher, so I used this little moment between Alex and Henry to inspire me to give him a call. It turns out that he tunes pianos too! So we should be in good shape to start our lessons soon.
It was a great day. We put away all of our vacation stuff, caught up on laundry, and Seth and Caroline put it all away (with a little help from Evan). The kids all cleaned their rooms, the kids' bathroom, and the playroom. Henry was on kitchen duty today, so at breakfast he helped unload and load the dishwasher, put away cereals and milk, and wiped off the table and counters.

But what topped it all off was this:
After dinner, Dave gave Caroline and Evan a bath. Seth was reading. I was finishing my dinner, and Henry stayed to talk with me a little bit. On his own, Henry remembered his job today and said, "Wait, aren't I on kitchen duty?" He remembered, and he didn't complain.

The angels sang. And I smiled. And I told him I was very proud of him. :)

Thank you for inspiring me, Mom!


GrandmaJean said...

Evan -- I love the new hairdo. And Henry, I hope your mom takes a video of your piano debut!

Grandma Jean

Sarah said...

Thanks, Jean! The kids loved your comments. :)