Monday, March 14, 2011

A Night Out with Good Friends

One of Dave's college buddies has two children that have Fanconi Anemia.

I found a description of Fanconi Anemia on Wikipedia: "FA is the result of a genetic defect in a cluster of proteins responsible for DNA repair. As a result, 20% or more of FA patients develop cancer, most often acute myelogenous leukemia, and 90% develop bone marrow failure (the inability to produce blood cells) by age 40. About 60-75% of FA patients have congenital defects, commonly short stature, abnormalities of the skin, arms, head, eyes, kidneys, and ears, and developmental disabilities. Median age of death was 30 years in 2000.

Treatment with androgens and hematopoietic (blood cell) growth factors can help bone marrow failure temporarily, but the long-term treatment is bone marrow transplant if a donor is available."

On Saturday night, many of Dave's college buddies gathered for a fundraiser to help research for the disease, and in turn helping their friend's sweet children, 9 year old Evan, and 3 month old Rebecca. It was such a amazing night in that $51,000 was raised, and we were able spend time with good friends that we don't get to see enough.

Here we are snugly fit into a van on the way over to the that the three big guys are stuffed into the back seat! ;)

Dave and I with Diane and Murph
Two more friends, John and Bob
Diane, Janet and me
A group shot: Me, Bob, Dave, Diane, J.C. (Evan and Rebecca's dad), Janet, and John
Diane, John, Bob, Janet and Dave
John posing with the Green Bay Packers helmet (and a beer!) that he won for his son at the silent auction
Diane passing to John the Green Bay Packer football that she won at the silent auction
We had altogether too much fun and stayed up way too late. We were a little tired the next day, especially because Sunday we "sprung ahead" on time. Oh well. It was definitely worth it.

Love you, friends!

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Monkee said...

Awww, I am glad so much money was raised for your friends children! Also, you got to have a fun night out on top of it!!

You look AWESOME by the way :)