Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ahhhh...66 degrees

I LOVE spring. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. All the good stuff is coming: warm weather, green grass, leaves on trees, FLOWERS and color, and being OUTSIDE. YAY!

Today was 66 degrees, and it was FABULOUS. After school, the kids had some of their favorite friends over to play, and it was so nice to be outside with all of them. :)
Look at these happy faces!
Henry and Alex...two peas in a pod!
Evan told me he was fishing. He didn't catch anything, but then again he was only using sticks. :)
Seth and his good buddy, Matthew in front of the tee-pee they built.
Bring on some more of the good stuff, Mother Nature! (Please?)

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Monkee said...

We had 62 degree weather, and we were outside in the sun for the parade!

Then, we came home and released the children! (They were not at the parade with us...they went to school, but can't go outside until there is an adult home)

They played until 8pm!

It was AWE-SUM!