Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The "Pinano"

I was upstairs blowing my hair dry when Evan came running up to me...
Evan: "MOM!!! There's a big truck in our driveway!"
Me: "Really?! I'll bet it's the truck that's carrying the piano! Do you want to go downstairs with Daddy to watch the movers bring it in?"
Evan: "Yes!"
A few minutes pass as Dave and Evan watch the movers bring the piano into the living room. I am still upstairs finishing up.
Evan runs up to me again.
Evan: "MOMMM! (grabbing my hand) COME QUICK!!! There's a PINANO in our house!"
He pulls me downstairs.
Evan: "LOOK!"
Me: "Wow, Evan! It's beautiful! Did you know that Aunt Shirley gave that piano to us?"
Evan: "No. Is Aunt Shirley coming over?"
Me: "No, do you remember that she's in heaven? But I bet she's looking down at us right now and smiling at how happy we are! What a special gift she gave us, huh?"
Evan: "Yes! I really like this compano."
He would use a different word for it every time! We play some notes on the piano together.
Me: "You know, we'll come back and play the piano some more, but we need to go pick up your cousin, Robbie, at preschool."
Evan: "OK, but can we bring the compinano with us to Robbie's house?"

Hee-hee! Yes, we'll just throw it in the trunk, Evan! :)
When the kids got home from school today, they were so excited to see that the piano had been delivered! (Caroline had actually been counting down the days, and the first words out of her mouth when she woke up this morning were that the piano was coming today!)
The older three all said that they want to take lessons. How fun!

Words are escaping me right now as far as describing how much it means to me that we have this piano from my aunt. All I can say is that I am very happy to have such a treasure from her. Thank you, Aunt Shirley!


Mary Ellen said...

Nothing like starting the day off with a few tears! No wonder Aunt Shirley called me a cry baby. In this instance, they are tears of joy! I can just imagine "The Pinano Man's" excitement! It fits right in your lovely home! Let the concerts begin!


Monkee said...

How fun! I am glad you and your family have that lovely treasure to always remind you of Aunt Shirley. Someday, while you are sitting in Madison Square Garden listening to your children play, you can thank her ;) hehe