Monday, November 29, 2010

I apologize, future Evan.

This was too hard to resist. When you and your sister came upstairs all pleased to show me the princess costumes you were wearing, well, I could not NOT grab my camera. And unfortunately, playing princess dress-up is just one of the hazards of having an older sister.

Plus, this whole smiling so big that you have to close your eyes smile is just cracking me up. It had to be documented.
Tonight I found a little note from Santa underneath the Christmas tree...I think Caroline thought that Santa would find it there. :) I think that we'll mail it to the big guy tomorrow...

The big things on her list this year? A penguin pillow pet and a "Julie" American Girl doll.
Speaking of gifts, I officially started Christmas shopping tonight. God bless internet shopping and free shipping, that's all I have to say. :)

Henry's doing better, but he did get sick again tonight after eating some bland rice. Poor kid! This is one nasty bug. He'll be staying home from school again tomorrow. Just waiting to see if the other kids catch it...Lysol and hand sanitizers are our best friends right now.


Tanya N said...

Poor Henry! So sorry he's still feeling icky! Get better soon Henry!

Monkee said...

Ugh, I hope my kids can avoid the nasty bug until at least January when I can take time off work again! It's easier for me to take time off than Mike. I get paid when I stay home, he doesn't :(

Evan and Caroline look Devine! I have a picture, tucked away safely, of my brother dressed up in a fairy costume. Priceless...

As for my font, I don't really know other than I use a Two column template format. Other than that, if you go to "design" and under your tabs, there are smaller links and one says "Template Designer". go there, and select "Advanced" it allows you to change the color, and text font/size of your blog. Hope that helps! :)