Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Thumbs Up...Way up!!

I am so proud of my niece, Anabel!! She was a Cheshire Cat in a local theater's production of Alice in Wonderland. She's the cool cat on the right.
My niece is a budding young actress, and it has been so much fun to see her develop during the 4 productions she's been in. She is completely at home on stage, and is just a joy to watch.

Way to go, Anabel!

Untitled from Sarah Nosek on Vimeo.

After Anabel's play, we headed over to Dave's brother and sister-in-law's house. Dave pretended to strap Evan to the top of the car, saying that he could ride up there. Evan actually believed him, and was holding on tight to the luggage rack. He was so disappointed when his Daddy said that he was just kidding.
We spent the rest of the day with our family enjoying good food and good company, as well as good entertainment. Our niece, Nadia, treated us to a piano recital featuring some beautiful Christmas music.

When we had to leave, our kids were all mourning the fact that they would have to wait 4 more days until they got to see their cousins on Thanksgiving at our house, lol.

Thanks for a fun day, Mark, Nacibe, Anabel and Nadia! :)

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