Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Cousin Fun

These cousins...they kept busy. They explored the nature area behind our house, played board games, mighty beans, hide and seek, football, Littlest Pet Shop, video games and watched movies. You name it, they did it.

Here's Dave with the kids playing Stratego (a favorite) on the table my in-laws gave us. (Thank you!)
They wore Evan out. He fell asleep watching Seth play a little Scribblenauts.
Look at my sweet almost 4 year old boy...
One of my favorite parts of their visit was giving my nieces and nephew their Christmas gifts. My sister told me that Will would probably like to have a football to play with here. (He has a football at home, but because of his love of the game, it's good to have a ball where ever he goes.) When his Dad got back from the store, Will asked him if he had bought a football for him. He hadn't, but my sister and I thought it would be the perfect time to pull out my gift. I brought it out for him, and you should have seen his smile. There are some gifts that are so much fun to give that you always remember them. I'll always remember giving that football to Will. :)
Miss you guys already!!!!!

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Monkee said...

Awwww...What a great Aunt you are ;)