Friday, November 19, 2010

A sleepover and more small victories

Tonight I told Caroline and Evan that they could have a sleepover. They were sooooo excited, and planned to sleep in Caroline's bed. I thought that would work because Caroline's bed is a double, so there would be plenty of room for both of them. However, they changed their minds, and instead planned to spend the night in Evan's bed. Unfortunately, his does not have as much room as his is a TODDLER bed. They didn't seem to be bothered by that at all, and just cuddled up to read some books together. I asked if I could join them, but they just giggled. ;)

UPDATE: I just checked on them...Caroline's in Evan's bed, and Evan's on the floor. They're both sound asleep. AMAZING.

Read the rest of this post only if you'd like to see what Dave and I do for fun on a Friday night...

After we put the kids to bed, Dave hung the hooks in the kids' bathroom. Now the kids each have their own hook to hang their towels after their showers or baths. Hopefully, having the hooks will help us keep the bathroom neater and help cut down a little on laundry.
We hung some curtains in the dining room...
and the living room. We still have to put them on rings, raise the curtain rods a little higher, and perhaps press them a little. I might want to put a band of another fabric at the bottom of them someday. But maybe I've been watching too much HGTV... The Christmas tree will go in front of the middle window.
Yesterday my parents and I moved the couch away from the window to the wall where the buffet used to be, and then moved the buffet into the "dining room".
I think I'll pick up of couple of tall and skinny lamps for the buffet table to finish things off in this room.

But for now, I'm just going to bed. :)

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Monkee said...

your house is beautiful!! :) and I LOVE the pic of the kids on the wall in their bathroom :)