Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Evan's B-Day and T-Day Eve

It's not too much longer...
until this three year old opens up his eyes tomorrow as a brand spanking new 4 year old!! As we were rocking before bed tonight, we were discussing that when he wakes up tomorrow, he'll be 4. He LOVED that idea. We practiced holding up 4 fingers, talked about how excited he was to tell his preschool friends, how we were having a big party with our family tomorrow to celebrate his birthday (and Thanksgiving!). I am so thankful for this boy!

And when he wakes up and comes running out of his room to tell us that he's 4, here's what he'll see...his birthday present! Dave assembled it tonight, God bless him!
I made the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie tonight. The turkey's ready to go in the oven at 8:00 tomorrow morning. The boys helped me set the table, and Dave helped fold the napkins. (Fancy, huh? Fan-napkin folding is one of Dave's many talents.)

My brother-in-law brought me these beautiful flowers which will serve as a centerpiece tomorrow. (Thank you, Jim!)

And my mom made this gorgeous arrangement for our buffet table...

I do believe we are about ready for the big day!

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Monkee said...

Happy Birthday, Evan!!! 4 Years old! So Big!

And your Husband derserve Sainthood ;)

The Table is gorgeous too!