Friday, November 5, 2010

So proud!!!

I went to the kids' parent-teacher conferences today. Their teachers all had wonderful things to say about them, and as my dad would say, I am so proud I could pop. They are smart, kind, and happy kids, and they are all doing very well in school.

Seth has been having an especially good year. At Seth's conference,his teacher explained that his reading has gotten so much stronger, and because of that, she will be moving him to a higher reading group. His struggles in math are being addressed, and he is becoming stronger and more confident in that area. He loves non-fiction books, and really impresses with his knowledge in science and social studies. She loves his sense of humor and his laugh, and how sometimes, if something really tickles his funny bone, he can't stop himself from giggling about it minutes later. He's VERY easy-going and is such a kind and gentle soul. She said that so many of her third graders are very impulsive, and because of that she and his classmates really appreciate how calm and thoughtful he is. He's developed a close group of friends that he LOVES to pal around with. She said that he really seems to be blossoming this year, that other teachers have commented on that to her. And then she told me that she wishes that she could clone Seth, that's how much she loves him. That's when a flood of tears shot straight out of my eyes at a 90 degree angle. I am so proud of my son.
Then his teacher told me that there was a sweet little girl in their class that has a crush on Seth. The teacher had noticed that the little girl was especially attentive to him, even carrying his books or papers for him sometimes when they would meet in groups.

So, at the conference just before mine, a parent had teased the teacher that she was in trouble with that little girl (her daughter). The teacher had rearranged seats in the classroom, so the girl was no longer sitting next to Seth, and she was very upset about it.

I asked Seth about it. He knew who I was talking about, and nonchalantly said that she was really nice. That was it.

What a boy. :)

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