Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm feeling much better now...

Apparently all I needed to do was vent.

And then work like a dog for a few days. :)

I've sorted through papers, answered emails, made appointments, gone to the doctor, made some returns, almost caught up on laundry, grocery shopped, ordered pictures, helped Henry on his Revolutionary War project, scheduled playdates, and decluttered.

Phew. It felt so good to get things accomplished that before I knew it, I was working on other projects that I have been meaning to do FOREVER.

I bought a lamp for the top of the TV cabinet and redid the decor up there.

I bought smaller picture frames that fit in our TV cabinet better.

I bought a floor lamp and redid the decor on the mantle (with battery powered candles). I am loving the light in this room now. Everything is so much brighter and cheerier.

I replaced our ratty old pillows with some fresh ones from Target.

I bought a message board with hooks to hang keys, leashes and collars. I got it for 15 dollars at Hobby Lobby because it has a dent on one of the corners. :) Dave installed it just inside of the laundry room, and he loves it.

I bought new and bigger hooks for the mudroom and bathroom.

Finally, I bought boot trays so that we're ready for the coming (ugh!) snow.
Dave is installing the bathroom hooks tomorrow and working on the mold and pipe problem on Saturday.

How funny that the week that I have the most to do is the time that I get all of this additional stuff done off of my "to do" list! Go figure.

Suddenly I feel like I might actually be able to handle Thanksgiving and Evan's birthday next week! :)


Karen said...

Sarah, everything looks WONDERFUL! And what a find at Hobby Lobby! You must be so excited. Great job, and have a lovely day!

Monkee said...

Wow! Look at you, Mama! I love it! Keep chuggin along! PS- Mike has the same leather chair :) AND I think your coat rack thingy is just like ours! :)