Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Visit with Texas Cousins

My sister, Lisa, and her family came to visit yesterday. They all live down in Texas, and we hadn't seen them in FAR too long. Wow, did we miss them. Obviously, the cousins were pretty happy to be reunited. LOOK at those smiling faces!
We ate a very gourmet meal of take-out pizza...kids in the kitchen, adults in the dining room. We're fancy around here. :)

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jim gave Evan a set of superheroes, including his favorites, Ben 10 and the Hulk. It is a riot to watch Evan play with action figures. The voices he gives them and the story lines he creates entertained us all. Here he is playing with his cousin, Annie.

The kids watched a movie snuggled up together in our master bedroom. Here's Caroline with Callie...
And here's Henry with Will and Evie...
Then we had a big sleepover, with most of the cousins sleeping together in the basement.
Such a fabulous time! :)

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