Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Checking my list

In past years, I've done too much Christmas last minute. The tree and decorations are usually up soon after Thanksgiving, but most everything else I get done under the wire. Perhaps the reason I've done that is simply because I've had small children and just run out of time. Perhaps the reason could be that I tend to procrastinate things that overwhelm me. However, that stress puts a damper on my Christmas spirit at times.

This year I promised myself that I would try to get everything done early so that as we get nearer to Christmas, I am less stressed and can enjoy it more. We've sent out our Christmas cards, the house is decorated, and we have the school parties and programs, as well as family and friend get-togethers on the calendar. That feels good. This afternoon and tonight, after the kids went to bed, I spent a lot of time online getting ideas for gifts, comparing prices, looking for free shipping, and buying. (It has helped that I already had some ideas for almost everyone on my list.) So I probably have my shopping list about 75% done, and that feels amazing. Most will be shipped to my house within the next couple of weeks, so I'll be able to wrap them early (not on Christmas Eve!) YAY!

I am hoping that tackling my list early this year will leave us to enjoy the season together as a family even more. (And there is so much to enjoy!) Perhaps I'll even be able to sleep this year, rather than stay up ridiculously late trying to finish everything up. I can only hope. At least, at this point, I've got a good start toward that. The only drawback to this big, enlightened change of plan that I have is that it is putting me behind in other know, like laundry, clutter, papers, etc. Sigh. Hopefully it will all be good in the end. :)

HENRY UPDATE: Henry is feeling much better. He still is barely eating, though, so I am keeping him home from school one more day. With all of the germs that are floating around out there, I'll feel better if I can send him back to school a little stronger.

So far, no one else has caught this bug. I got a little nervous when Evan woke up from his nap saying that his tummy hurt, but that was the last I heard of that. Thank God. I do feel like I'm just waiting for the other kids to get it, despite our extra attention to washing hands and hand sanitizer.

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Monkee said...

GREAT News about Henry! And Awesome job on pacing yourself! I would so love to do that, but I wait on my bonus from work before I can do ANYTHING besides trim the tree...and that comes the second week in December...usually. Which that alone stresses me out. ha!

And btw: Your font looks good to me! It all stayed in the lines :)