Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We are the CHAMPIONS, my friends!

I think there's a song that goes something like that. ;)

Anyways, what an amazing way our White Knights ended their season! LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!! Tonight we got together again for two reasons:
1.) To revel in the excitement and glory of their victory one more time as a team, and
2.) To take some pictures of our winning team as the terrible weather conditions on Sunday did not allow for a good group shot. The boys were all miserably cold, and it was pouring, so what we got on film did not do the achievement justice.

So we did a redo...

Our Seth...
Our Champion White Knights!

Did I mention that they are "Number 1"? ;)

Here they are with the team banner we flew at every game.

And finally, here's Seth with the best football coaches around, and they just so happen to be ours. We couldn't have asked for a more encouraging group of coaches. Our team was blessed.

See you next year (oh, and at the pizza party!), White Knights!

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