Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yes, we spent a fortune.

School pictures R Us. I believe we spent about 95% of our household budget on school pictures this fall. ;) (I seriously can't believe how expensive they are!)

However, I am so glad to have them!

Henry's cross country team (He's in the bottom right.)


Seth's football team (He's in the top left row.)


Caroline's soccer team (She's in the top middle.)


Evan's soccer team (He's in the bottom right.)


Henry's 6th grade picture

Seth's 4th grade picture

Caroline's 2nd grade picture

Evan's preschool picture

Evan's preschool class picture
Cute kiddos, huh?! :)

1 comment:

Mary Ellen said...

Good morning family,

It is worth every cent to capture these moments. Thanks again for keeping us up to date with the lives of our grandchildren! We are proud of all of you!