Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spinning my wheels

That's us right now. We're working non-stop, but honestly, to look around this house, you wouldn't guess that. Dave's playing basketball at the church. I just got the kids to bed. And now I am looking around the house thinking a tornado must have passed through here, and really not feeling like doing anything about it.

But...we were busy and productive today, just not in any way that anyone looking at the inside of our house would be able to tell.
--We went to church.
--We went shopping for a treadmill. We didn't find one of those, but we did find 4 pairs of used ice skates for the kids to use on our back pond and at the lake. They were pretty excited.
--Henry started a big project for one of his classes today, and is about 75% done with it.
--Caroline and Seth finished their homework. Seth finished two projects as well.
--I cooked a good dinner.
--They all practiced their math facts.
--Henry practiced his trumpet.
--The kids all showered and bathed.

I look at that list and think it doesn't look like a lot. But then why were we so busy? Why am I so tired? And here is the biggest question...Why am I so whiny?

Don't you think I should quit my complaining and just clean up the kitchen and go to bed? You're right. Hopefully a good night's sleep and a bit of cleaning will snap me out of this. Sorry, friends!

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