Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween started early because the younger three were able to wear their costumes to school. They rushed through their breakfast and chores in order to get dressed up ASAP. All three of the boys were skeletons this year, while Caroline was Ghoulia Yelps, one of the Monster High girls. She chose her costume because she thought it was very stylish (really, what says style like blue hair?), because it had lots of accessories included, and because when she was walking out of the fitting room, she ran into one of her best friends, Audrey, IN THE SAME COSTUME. (You can imagine their screams of delight, can't you?)

After I dropped Seth and Caroline off at school, I went with Evan to his preschool Halloween party, where the kids did crafts and games,

had yummy snacks,

sang spooky songs for their parents,

and modeled fabulous costumes.

In the afternoon, Evan, Dave and I went to see Caroline...

and Seth in their Halloween parade.

Then Dave took Evan home while I helped at Seth's party. Just look at all of these fabulous fourth graders!

We played the traditional "Wrap a Mummy" game.

Here's the finished result!

After school, we dressed the kids in layers upon layers, grabbed a snack, and then headed out to trick or treat with some of our best friends!

At one house we stopped at, the owners had rented a cotton candy machine!
Another house had an amazing Halloween display in their front yard, complete with a skeleton rigged up to transmit the owner's voice. The kids laughed and conversed with him for the longest time!

When we were done trick or treating, we came home for a pizza dinner and finished up homework. (It hardly seemed fair that there was school the next day!) Then Evan and I went over to Evan's buddy, Ryan's (oh, I mean Batman's!) house so that they could play and enjoy each other's costumes a little bit.

Then the kids humored me by posing for a group shot...aren't they a good looking group?! :)

I'll finish up this post with pictures of our pumpkin masterpieces...

Hope your Halloween was fun too!

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