Friday, November 25, 2011


Our big boy remembered something very important this morning. The first thing he said to me today was not, "Good morning, Mommy!" He said, "I'm FIVE!!" That's right. This young man is a full hand of fingers now!

Grandma and Grandpa Orton spent the night with us! We all sat down to Evan's favorite breakfast, which is cinnamon rolls, bacon and eggs. Then it was time to open presents!

Evan has been very into Star Wars lately, so he got an AT-AT vehicle, Star Wars figures, a Darth Vader Transformer, and a General Grievous mask! Evan played for FOREVER with them, and his brothers and sister joined him which made him very happy!

After that, we put the lights and ornaments on the Christmas tree that we had set up on Thanksgiving night. It was so much fun this year listening to the kids remember the stories behind each ornament, many of them special gifts from their Aunt Karen, Grandma, Aunt Shirley as well as handmade ones from preschool and grade school.

Then we got ourselves all showered and ready to go for a special night out to celebrate Evan's birthday and to kick off the Christmas season. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Karen, Uncle Jim, Robbie, Uncle Bill and our family all went to our favorite hamburger joint.

Here's Evan and I posing with his special monster birthday cake, one that he's had his eye on at our grocery store for about a month.

Our favorite 5 year old, our favorite 4 year old, the older kids and me!

I love my sweet nephew!

After we ate, we went to my hometown's Christmas Parade.

The kids got a front row seat. They were pretty excited about that. Can you tell?!

Young Robbie had a great seat too, on top of his dad's shoulders!


Sister and brother!

My handsome husband and me

My mom and dad

My sister Karen, brother-in-law Jim, and Robbie

Santa came, and the kids were so excited, but sadly this is the best picture I have of the event. I definitely need to work on my night time picture-taking.

The whole crew before we called it a night

Thanks for the special night out, Mom and Dad! Love you!

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Monkee said...

Can I just say, you all look wonderful! :) I love Caroline's coat! She looks to grown up! :)