Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A McDonald's Monster Mash!

Evan had a family party on his actual 5th birthday last Friday, and then on Monday he had his friend party. My poor young son was very confused and disappointed when he didn't turn 6 at this second party. ;) Evan's cousin, his friends from school and neighbors all joined him at McDonald's for a monster party.

Evan's favorite thing to draw right now is a one-eyed monster, so we thought that this theme was perfect for him!

Our McDonald's did a great job helping Evan celebrate with Happy Meals and goody bags.

The kids watched Evan open his presents...

and had a great time in the play place!

You've always got to have a funny face pic!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday...

and blow out the candles on the cake, with Robbie's help :). (We had to move the cake to the opposite side of the table from Evan, and right by Robbie, because of a pesky heating vent that threatened to blow the candles out. That, plus the fact that my nephew just had a birthday and candles of his own to blow out, made it a little confusing. Sweet boy!)
No worries...we just did a round two!

Evan had all kinds of fun monster stuff in his goody bags he gave to his friends, including these design-your-own monster masks. Note the one eye on Evan's mask. :)
Glad you had so much fun, birthday boy! Love you!

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