Monday, November 7, 2011

The 4th Annual Robbie Bobbie Birthday Fall Fun Fest!!

On Sunday, family gathered at my sister and brother-in-law's house for a beautiful fall day

celebrating their son and my favorite 4 year old nephew, Robbie!




and Evan

laughed in the leaves

and launched leaves to their hearts' content.

Then Grandma and Grandpa A arrived bearing gifts in a new wagon!

Robbie was so excited, so Caroline took him for a spin.

After Leaf Lollapalooza, we all helped bag the leaves

The birthday boy with his two grandmas

Then Uncle Bill (AKA Robbie's favorite jungle gym) arrived, much to this 4 year old's delight.

My sister's decorations were again absolutely amazing...Check out all of these fun signs she made! (Robbie LOVES signs, and reads them all the time. Such a smart boy!)

Karen made delicious cupcakes as well as

goody bags for her nephews and niece complete with their own street sign.

Robbie and me...LOVE!

Here's Robbie showing his great Grandma an IPhone game. :)

Robbie and his Grandpa A. I love the way Grandpa's looking at him!

The big boy got a bike for his birthday!

Here's the big boys getting Robbie accustomed to his new wheels.

My Dad and my brother!

Sweet Robbie!

Happy birthday, 4 year old! We love you!

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Monkee said...

awww!! How sweet!! :) I love Family Traditions!