Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our sickie and some stories

Last night we went to my mother and father-in-law's house for a dinner with Uncle Larry, Aunt Sue, Uncle Jim and Aunt Jean. We had such a nice visit, and were so happy to see them because we don't get to do that often.

Our whole family went except for Caroline because she went to a good friend's birthday party/sleepover. When we picked her up in the morning, her friend's mom commented that she was quieter than normal. I asked her about it, and she said that she had a headache all morning. I didn't think too much of it because she is prone to head aches, and probably being up late at the sleep over might have triggered one. I gave her some Tylenol, and then Caroline and I snuggled in bed, watched the movie Enchanted, and snoozed.

When she woke up, she got all teary, and said that she was worried that she was sick and wouldn't be better by the time she had to return to school. In a week and a half. (The kids are on Thanksgiving break this week.) I told her that she had plenty of time to get better if she was sick, that we would take good care of her. Because she was so weepy, I thought that something other than just tiredness was going on. I took her temperature, and sure enough she was running one. My poor sweetheart barely ate lunch, and then napped for most of the rest of the this...

She said that it helped her headache to lay like that. :0(

I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of us don't catch this bug because we want to have some fun over break, and because we're hosting Thanksgiving.

While I was with Caroline and doing laundry, Dave took the boys out to clean up the garage. And check this out...they made it so that we can park our two cars in there! We're pretty happy about that because now we don't have to worry about brushing the snow off the cars when it comes.

Now the rest of the garage...that's another story. It looks like it does because of a garage sale that never happened and because we're storing things in there that we're trying to sell on Craig's list. (So far we haven't had much luck.) It's baaaaddddddd...but we won't think about that right now because....

we can now fit two cars in the garage!!! And we need to celebrate that. :)

I took this picture from our back yard a few mornings ago when I was up with Henry before school. It was beautiful outside!
I'll finish this post up by sharing a couple of stories...

A few nights ago at the dinner table, the kids were sharing what they wanted to be when they grow up. Evan shared that his friend, Connor, wants to be Buzz Lightyear. :) Evan said that he wants to be the Hulk. Ha! Seth said, "I want to be some kind of a scientist. Maybe I'll study magnetism, or space...or maybe CH (as in cha-cha)-EMISTRY." Hee-hee!

Then, tonight we were watching Apollo 13 together. At one point, one of the main characters swore, and really, you couldn't fault them for it given the situation they were in, right? Well, Dave turned to the kids and said, "Just so we're clear, you can only ever say that word if you are flying through space and something explodes in your space ship, all right?" We all laughed. :)

That's it for to go take care of my sick little girl!

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Monkee said...

awww poor thing :( My co-workers kids are getting sick. Keeping fingers crossed my 3 don't get anything! So far so good! Enjoy your THanksgving! Hope it's a healthy one :)