Thursday, November 3, 2011

Henry's Report Card...I laughed, I cried...

Because I can check his grades on the internet, I knew good news was coming. I was prepared. ;)But even still, when Henry showed me this report card as he walked through the door...Wow, seeing the proud smile on his face and knowing how hard he had worked and how far he had come, I couldn't stop the tears from coming.

So, yes, I cried. Why, you may ask, did I laugh? Well, it was a story that Henry told me about his report card. Apparently, when he first received it, he was looking it over and saw this...

Now, you and I, being experienced report card readers, understand pretty quickly that what is shown there is a key, specifically one showing the amount of effort a student puts forth in class. Looking at the above report card, we can see that Henry got all 1's, which means "Excellent effort". Unfortunately, poor Henry saw what was shown in the above picture and thought that was part of his actual grade. He couldn't understand why two of his teachers gave him "Low effort" and "Poor Effort". Thankfully, one of his friends quickly explained and put his mind at ease. Ha!

After he shared his report card and that story for me, he said, "Mom, since I did so good on my report card, could I have a root beer?" To that I said, "Of course!" Some parents reward good grades with money. Apparently we pay out with root beer. ;)

We're proud of you, Henry! Keep up the good work!

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Monkee said...

Way to go, Henry!!! Hard work pays off!! :)